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Sorry, this is a friends-locked journal.
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Oh yes, finally registered for a twitter and tumblr. Unfortunately, I don't know how to use either...think I've got twitter half figured out, but tumblr's a complete loss for me...makes absolute shit sense to me =.=...help anyone? @_@... 

Twitter: ice_flow12 [twitter.com/#!/ice_flow12]
Tumblr: iceflow12 [iceflow12.tumblr.com/]

Err...see you guys around? lol...^^


After a VERY long hiatus...

First post in a longass while~ whoot!!!

And to blog about the best part of this summer [sad, really =.=]: I GOT TO BE AN EXTRA FOR CHRIS COLFER'S SBL

I'm so going to look for me and everyone I met there when the movie comes out XDDD

But anyways, on that note, got obsessed with Glee [more like with Chris Colfer and Darren Criss]
and KLAINE. Dear lord, that fandom has taken over my life. =.=. SOOOO NOT doing any wonders for my physics grade...ugh. Stupid class. wish I didn't have to take it. and damnit, there's an exam this week...and I'm SIX CHAPTERS BEHIND...T_T -cries-

Ugh, I feel brain dead now. First week of school/move-in overlaps with the last week of summer school. Great. No summer for me. =.=. Well, SBL DOES make up for it, I suppose...and I wonder if anyone's going to the Glee Live 3D...I'd love company when I go...it's very much no fun when you have to go alone...=[...

Ohhh...fanfics. I should start writing again...it's been, what, two years since I actually wrote anything that wasn't a scientific paper or an essay? =.=...ewww.....

And I should really get some new icons...all of mine are still from my Atoji/Hyoutei obsessed days....which isn't bad exactly...just....sticks out a lot when I'm not in an anime fandom....lol...

But in any case, main point was that SBL shooting on the night of Friday, July 22,2011? BEST EVER. FINALLY got to rant with fans without getting dissed and told to shut up, AND without weird looks. Just WHY the hell did I happen to attend the schools with tons of ppl who apparently hate Glee and that associated, I don't know. Ugh. Frustrating as hell.

Help please?

Does anyone know if it's possible to switch entries posted on a community to a journal itself?

I didn't realize that none of my posts were showing up in my journal whenever I posted to a community until just a while ago, so I wanted to switch everything over to my journal instead and just post an entry with a bunch of links at the community instead...

Aka, I want to be able to track all my posts in case I ever want to find them all again...

Original: July 23, 2009, 22:41


What Do You Want To Eat

Title: What Do You Want To Eat
Author: ice
Genre: General, Humor
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: AtoJi
Warnings: Fluff; Crack
Summary: Jirou refuses to eat. Atobe starts listing off various food before finally getting fed up and asking Jirou what he wants to eat. And Jirou's response?

Disclaimer: I'd be one hell of a rich lady if I owned this series. And I wouldn't be writing AtoJi because said AtoJi would be being published and released on dvd.

What Do You Want To EatCollapse )

Does anyone have a saved copy of the picture????? T_T.*loves all the AtoJi special icons*

This is where it originally was....



Kato Kazuki - Hoshi e - Romanji Lyrics

Wow...I really don't have a life...=.=....
I somehow finished doing the transcription for this in about an hour...@_@...either that or I'm getting better at this..lol....

Well, I'm pretty sure everything is correct except for the 3 parts in blue...those sound pretty correct to me, but that can be debatable, I suppose...tell me if anyone finds anything wrong please.


Hoshi eCollapse )

Kato Kazuki - MERAMERA- Romanji Lyrics

Hi again, everyone!

I finished the romanji transcription for MERAMERA. I'm pretty sure this one's pretty accurate if not completely correct. ^_^ Yay! Took me forever, but eh, I'm happy...XD


MERAMERACollapse )