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2 February
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Haven't updated this in a long time, but currently an avid Klainer and a fan of Darren Criss and Chris Colfer. They're the reasons why I started to watch Glee in the first place, so really, they're the only ones that REALLY matter. ^^ That, and their undeniable multitude of talents and hotness. XDDD -cackles-

Dream come true: I get to meet both of them and get their autographs and a picture taken with them. Other than that...well, being actual friends would be nice...

Anyway,s I'd love to meet fellow fans to fangirl with, and making friends is always a plus~ ^^

And, I'm also an anime-freak, if the MAJOR Prince of Tennis themed icons and fics and stuff haven't given it away yet. Should really change that though..considering its been about 2-3 years....hmm.....

==(Also watches a ton of anime and reads a lot of manga, but won't list them all in the interests section because that would take too long and she's too lazy to list all of them.)==

AtoJi is love
♥ AtoJi is Love ♥

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Renewed: Credit to geebaby757 Thank you for the link~ XDDDD

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